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AFRPO Outreach

The Lilia Bloom Outreach Program

During the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's week long residency in Orlando 2023, the Orchestra held interactive sessions at five local schools, conducted workshops for adults with autism at the OCA, and collaborated with the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra, who delivered an impressive pre-concert performance on 6 October. 

Watch the workshops and performances below:

We also partnered with the Dr. Phillips Centre for the Performing Arts and AdventHealth to bring STROKESTRA®, a rehabilitation programme utilising creative music-making as part of a formal clinical recovery program, to Orlando. Musicians, clinicians, patients and stroke survivors joined forces to discuss and develop new ideas and activities to complement treatment delivery. Participants then participated in a touching musical performance in front of friends and family.

The RPO envisions collaborating with American partners to share program techniques and results and to identify the best practices to improve outcomes for patients; positive impact on those caring for stroke patients; and to provide meaningful community work for musicians as they spread the healing joy of music.

The RPO's role as an Orchestra extends far beyond the confinements of a stage; our objective is to create a significant impact, stepping off the concert platform and into the community, fostering meaningful relationships with audiences from around the world, and we sincerely thank the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts and the American Friends of the RPO for affording us the opportunity to continue fulfilling our mission.